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Some goals:

May 12th, 2006 at 01:42 am

Some of our goals right now are:
1. Lower Grocery bill to $600/spent $310.97
2. Pay off CC's $1200/left to pay $800
3. Start saving for escrow at the end of year (will be short, have no idea how much yet)
4. Car loan $8200/left to pay $6150
5. Start an EF - so far $1.22
6. Mortgage free by 43! (this is in 5 to 6 years - depending on who turns 43 first. Smile

Our first main goal is to cut the grocery bill down. It's high I admit it - BUT it used to be double of our monthly goal now! Hard to believe huh? I have just started working on the grocery budget I made a goal of 1/2 of what we spent the last couple of months. I made a list for a month, made the menus and then shopped. I got a ton of stuff and hoping to make it stretch just as far as I can. I will need to pick up milk -but that should be about it. At least I hope so!

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