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been awhile

July 6th, 2006 at 12:25 pm

WOW!! We have had some major things happen since my last post here. We lost $300 a month income. Doesn't seem like alot but it was totally unexpected - so it threw us for a loop. Basically Ef has nothing in it now. Frown Starting from scratch there.
Also had to pay homeowners insurance and it tripled what it did last year. Frown

So what's the old saying 2 steps forward 10 steps back. That's how I feel right now. We will get through this - I know we will!! It's just going to be a tight month.

Going through the pantry/freezer - making a list of all the meals we have in there.

Also need to start making a school list of things we must have before school starts. Hoping the school has a saxophone we can rent from them - $40 for the year - right now we are paying rent of $40 a month! FrownHoping to eliminate that - yes we could buy one outright but dson isn't sure he wants to continue on with it after this year. Frown

Our above ground pool has a huge hole in the liner - so that's unusable now. Don't want to put $$ out for a new liner.

So the a/c is back to 78 - trying to keep us cool.

Gonna start working 40 hours a week. It's gonna be hard at first - but I know I can do it and it will help so much! I am quite fortunate that I work from home and can grab more hours if needed or less if that's what's needed at the time.

Have a great day!