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Ways I am saving $$

May 12th, 2006 at 01:49 am

~Cut the second phone line out of the house, bringing our service down to minimum with the phone that is left on - savings $77 a month!!

~gave the dryer away! I have a HUGE clothesline and 3 drying racks I don't need a dryer and surely didn't need an electric bill that was $40 to $50 higher monthly. (I do alot of laundry!) savings $45 monthly!

~shopping once a month grocery shopping - ok first month trying that! But I think I will cut our bill in half! hopefully will save $400 to $600 a month!

~colored my hair tonight with a freebie from the closet. I got with a coupon and it didn't cost anything as it was on sale also. savings $10-40

~when we're done with dinner - I pack leftovers in reusable plastic containers for lunches and freeze. Now dh and ds take out whatever dinner they want for lunches - we don't waste anything and don't have to buy special items for their lunchboxes.

~cut all of our son's and dh's hair. I actually also got brave and cut our youngest dd's hair - it came out great.

~we bought a bigger filter for the pool, so it pumps our pool in about 2 hours instead of 8- it's cleaner, uses less electricity and less chemicals. We bought it used for 1/2 what we would of paid for it new. Smile

4 Responses to “Ways I am saving $$”

  1. Nina's Mom Says:

    Wow! Gave up your dryer. I could not do that. I am really impressed with your posts so far.

  2. Frugal Chick Says:

    Yeah - it was a big step for us as we have a TON of laundry. I do an average of 3 loads a day! But, that is why I can save more money *not* having it. If you only do a couple loads a week - it's probably not worth it to give it up. To us - $50 extra a month can go towards one of our goals.

  3. poundwise Says:

    From this and your last couple of posts it seems you are doing very well. Remember to continually pursue these goals. Sometimes we get to a point where we feel have done a lot, but it isn't worth as much if we don't keep it up. Best wishes to you!

  4. flash Says:

    You sound like you are on the right track! Once a month shopping, though, yikes! Good luck!

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