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evening report :)

May 13th, 2006 at 01:13 am

Ok - shopping I ended up spending some $$.
~Walmart $13.00 - stuff for the garden/grill scraper/toothpaste/shampoo
~big lots 3.00 - bought 3 pairs of protective glasses - dh and son's use these to work on the cars
~goodwill $2.66 dress for dd, jersey for dson, 2 books
Total 15.66

In the mail today came another survey check- I stuck it in my purse only to find the last one I forgot to deposit. So that's $10 more going into savings total now 22.65

The electric company came out today and put in digital meters - so I think I will start tracking those every few days or so and see where we are at with that. Hoping I can lower that some too. This time of year is hard, though with using the a/c. It's been so warm already!

I made cajun beans and rice with cornbread for dinner. I have never tried that before and everyone loved it! So that's a keeper dinner and pretty economical too!

Someone mentioned the once a month grocery shopping - So far so good - the freezer and pantry are still full and it's already the 12th of the month. It *was* alot of work at the beginning BUT it's been great so far! Of course I came out with 3 shopping carts full of groceries - and even harder putting it in a 2 door cavailier...........

Made some cinnamon rolls up today - the kids and dh loved them.

Worked a few hours today. It's been busy the last few days with work.

Laundry was washed and hung on the line today. DD did was a load tonight for us and hung it on a rack in the garage (hhhhmmmmmm wonder what SHE wants?!?! LOL)

Well have an awesome weekend!!

1 Responses to “evening report :)”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Sounds like you are busily paving hte road to your financialo success! Happy Mothers Day!Smile

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