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Sat. Update

May 14th, 2006 at 12:28 am

Today's spending was 43.00 Frown $22 was for 2 mother day bouquets and cards. I got one for dh's step mom and my best friend. Then I got a few groceries that we have ran out of. But I still think we are saving alot more - with shopping for most things at the beginning of the month.

Read my kwh today and I have used almost double what my best friend has. Frown Now it's just her and her dh. We have 9 plus a dog. So maybe the body heat is heating up the house more........ hmmm not sure. We have the same house. I will be looking for ways to cut this way down!!

~wondering if I can bump the a/c up to 81 if anyone will notice.
~no dryer going - gosh I wonder what it would be if I had a dryer going?
~is it cheaper to wash dishes by hand or the dishwasher - we don't do the drying cycle. Gosh I am thinking of using a grill out back and paper plates - of course there is another expense but would it be worth it by saving more $ on electric?
~I leave the computer on alot as I do alot of work from home - wondering if I can condense this and shut the puter off more.
~lightbulbs have been changed to the energy saver ones
~pool pump is only running an hour a day.
~bought a water heater timer a week or so ago - dh installed it - I *finally* set it today. It was that hard just finding the time to do it. Hopefully that will save some $

dinner tonight was pasta and meatballs - all from the pantry/freezer.

I have 4 homeschooling books listed on ebay and 2 have a bid! WOOHOO!!!

one of the older dsons and I tinted our windows this past week. We already had the stuff - bought last year and never got around to doing it.It makes it look cloudy outside but does seem to keep things cooler in here.

I haven't had any valances or curtains in my great room. I really wanted some and priced some several places - jcpenny, walmart, bath/bed and beyond and just couldn't spend the money for 2 valances and rods! Well I was in a thrift store this past week and found *gold* valances that will fit my windows perfectly! I paid $5 for 3 valances! They match the pillows I had picked up at dollar general months ago. Dh hung the rods late last night - they look so good.

Oh speaking of dh- he went to a junk yard to look for a couple parts for the mustang we are restoring. Actually I am content to let it sit awhile longer, but dh enjoys working on it. He just got home and spent $20, but got all the parts he was looking for this time. Smile

Tomorrow will be a spendy day. I am taking the girls (which we have 2 girls) to Disney on Ice - the princesses. SmileI bought the tickets a month and a half ago. We are all very excited. Older dd is treating us to lunch. All the men/boys will be ordering pizza.

Have a great mother's day.

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    You mentioned 9 of us, how many children do you have?

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