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thursday evening

May 19th, 2006 at 12:20 am

Well I have washed 6 loads of clothes today - 4 were hung out and 2 were on the racks.

Had to turn the a/c on today - gosh it got so hot!! Frown It's supposed to be about 95 for this weekend. UGH!

Had dh put another phone jack in today - saved me at least $60. WOOHOO!! Of course if dh didn't do it, I wouldn't of had it done at this time.

We have fire ants - my neighbor told me to pour boiling water down the hole and that should kill them - will be trying that tomorrow. I sure hope so - I hate putting chemicals out there with the kids and dog.

Was able to depoit $15 more into our EF today. Not much - but every little bit helps.

Called to find out what the electric bill was going to be - it was 176.00 Frown Let's see if I can keep it at that or lower this month:
~no dryer
~put the water heater timer on
~not using the dishwasher
~using the crockpot more
~got a new filter - so it's only running 1 hour daily - versus 8 hours and not even getting cleaned all the way.
~turning things off when not in use
~a/c set at 80 or off

Those are a few of the things I am doing right now. Not sure what else I can do to cut the electric bill. Normally in the summer our bill goes to 225. Frown I really don't want that to happen this year. So I'll be looking for lots of little savings to turn into big savings.

Let's see in May - I have concentrated on groceries and the electricity. I think in June I will continue to monitor those 2. With summer coming in florida - it's going to be too hot to go with no a/c - we tried it a couple years ago. It's just not worth it.
Also with summer - the kids are out of school and will eat, eat, and eat some more.

Menus, grocery list and using things in the pantry/freezer. I really don't think I will be baking to much anymore - as it really starts to heat the house up to quickly. I made cinnamon rolls a couple days ago, never made the pumpkin bread - but it will have to wait until fall now. LOL

Got a book fix it and forget it at a thrift store with sink reflections a few weeks ago. Time to open those up. Smile I love flylady and my crockpot so these are great.

Decluttering the house alot today. I made this cool collage of pictures and got rid of a ton of picture frames. It looks really good too. Smile It took me about an hour but so worth it. I washed the walls in the dining room and started decluttering in there first. Not alot in there - so I figured it's best to start there. We have a plant shelf aroud the dining room - we had those ceramic houses up there. (the christmas type - not all christmas-y though) Well I took them all down yesterday to wash them - hasn't been done in awhile. Then I put them up there, but while they were drying it looked so good up there with just 2 angels on the plant shelf and nothing else. So I talked to dh and he wouldn't let me get rid of them - but did agree for me to box them up and put them out in our shed. (our shed is wood and very leakproof) It looks great and now I don't have to feel guilty that they are always dusty. Smile

Will be finishing the decluttering of the dining room tomorrow and possibly the entry way closet. I would love to get that done - but we'll see. I want to take some stuff to the thrift store this weekend.

Will have to spend a little money tomorrow as we need milk and toliet paper. Two main things in this house. Smile

Well have a great friday!

1 Responses to “thursday evening”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Time to hit the no bake cookie recipes! Uses a stove top burner for most........but only for minutes. My kids don't care what's for snacks, as long as there ARE snacks.

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