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Thrifty tuesday!

June 7th, 2006 at 02:06 am

Haven't spent any $$ the last couple of days. Took dd to get her haircut but she paid for that. Smile
I have been having at least one whole meal as a leftover every night - been freezing them for dson's and dh's lunches.

I used the dryer today but only for one load. No real reason except laziness.

florida has love bugs - they honestly haven't been that bad this year. But they do get all over your car. Dryer sheet lightly damp - wipes them right off the hood of your car. Smile Of course I didn't use a FULL dryer sheet - only 1/4 of it. LOL So I thought that was pretty frugal.

I made 2 batches of brownies and 2 batches of blueberry muffins today.

All meals have been eating out of the pantry/freezer the last few days. We didn't order pizza this weekend - yeah! That's a huge step for us. We're bad about that. But that saved us almost $30 this weekend.

Still looking for little ways to save here and there. I think our electric bill will be high this month. Frown Not looking forward to that one. At the beginning of the month we set the a/c at 78 then kept bumping it up now it's on 82 during the day and 80 for 2 hours before we go to bed. I have been watching the kwh and it's not good. Frown

2 Responses to “Thrifty tuesday!”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Just curious. When you used the 1/4 of a dryer sheet to wipe off the love bugs from your car, was it a new one or the one from today's one load of laundry?

  2. Frugal Chick Says:

    I used the one from the laundry. Smile So even more frugal for me.Smile

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