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Thrifty tuesday

May 16th, 2006 at 01:23 pm

Good Morning!

Still working on the next 2 weeks budget.

Opened the house up this morning as it's so nice and cool out. Temp in the house has dropped 4 degrees in 1/2 hour. Smile As soon as it starts raining I may have to close the house up - we'll see how hard and windy it is. We really need the rain though - so not complaining.

Doing good on the EF and the grocery shopping. We were spending $1000 - $1200 a month and I have only spent $310 so far! Smile But we've cut alot of convenience foods out, baking a little more to have snacks. I know we will spend some more - but to get through the first 15 days and only spend 1/4 of what we normally do is amazing to me.

I don't use coupons very often - I do have some clipped - but they are normally for things that we don't buy. So I just don't use them.

Dinner will be going in the crockpot in just a few minutes.

Kids have 6 days left of school! I will be changing my work hours some over the summer to mostly working nights. This way I work when they are sleeping. Smile I am up late anyways - might as well make some $$. Then we have time to go to the beach, amusement parks (don't worry already have paid passes, and we pack our own lunch! Smile)library - things are frugal and fun!

Have a great day!

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