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update ugh!!!!!

June 18th, 2006 at 08:57 pm

Well it's been a couple weeks since I posted and it's been a real spendy couple of weeks. Frown Let's see dh's birthday was last weekend, father's day this weekend. Let's just say I have fallen completely off the frugal wagon - but am hopping right back on tomorrow!

Our electric bill came in - it's NOT good - over $200 already! Frown Back to hanging out ALL laundry.
Today I have the a/c off and the house opened up -it's about 92 outside but there is a nice breeze and a couple of ceiling fans and it's nice in here.

Tracking all spending again - dh is on vacation this week. There will be some planned spending BUT definitely want to keep it down as much as possible.

I am not able to work as many hours as I had hoped. Frown But I am considering opening up an online business that I had before. So we'll see how that goes. I'll update a little later on the decision.

Have a great day!

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  1. Corey K. Tournet Says:

    Hanging the laundry out is one good way to cut electricity costs. Another way is to use a spin dryer with your regular dryer. A spin dryer can cut 30 minutes or more off the drying time and each cycle only lasts about 3 minutes. Spin dryers only use 300 watts, less than 1/10th of what a regular clothes dryer uses. They are also much gentler on the clothes than regular tumble dryers, don't produce any lint, and remove more detergent from the clothes.

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